Prism signs - highway signage

Prism signs - highway signage

Erplast manufactures and assembles prism signs.

The prism signs are one of the elements of the National Traffic Management System. VMSC (Variable Message Signs class C) devices apply to diversion traffic management. It is a modern solution that raises the standard of road safety. ERPLAST cooperates with Dutch company Rotapanel in the subject.

Prism tables are one of traffic management system. It is most visible to road users. The goal is to make the best use of road infrastructure, especially during road incidents, such as switching off a road section. When the block is confirmed, the detour is switched on by the operator. This means that road signs change information into an alternative one and lead the traffic via an alternative route. For the system to be effective, the right number of signs must work in. The most important are the E1 signposts, the E2 signposts and the F-8 travelling signs. Communication is lead by a cable network or GSM gates. Erplast possesses capability in sign assembling, making digital prints and wrapping prisms. What’s more, the designed boards are compliant with the latest marking standard on roads S or A, where the BIG, EXPERIMENTAL tables are situated.

We offer:
– prism sign projects for approvals,
– cost calculation based on the information and number of stages,
– selection of the most economical solutions,
– production of support steel structures
– assembly and disassembly of signs.
Since 2016, Erplast has been cooperating with the Dutch company Rotapanel, who leads in pris sales and the quality of services offered. Erplast purchases only sub-assemblies of prismatic tabs.

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Delivery partner in system prism for boards

Variable Messager signs photo Rotapanel


Assembly of prism sign photo by Rotapanel

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