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Technical approvals and national technical assessments

Technical approvals are documents that standardize the features of products for which not on the product standards. From 2018, according to new regulations, they are replaced by national technical assessments (CAT). These documents define requirements for a given product of a given manufacturer and give the possibility to apply for a certificate of constancy of performance and issuing by the producer a declaration of performance.

  • AT 3175 Znaki Aktywne
  • AT 3231 Gniazda montażowe GM
  • AT bariery i balustrady U-12 U-11
  • AT Słupki krawędziowe przeszkodowe U-2 U-5
  • AT Słupki blokujące i blokady parkingowe
  • KOT na osłony zabezpieczające_ U-15b
  • KOT Słupki blokujące i blokady parkingowe
  • KOT U11 balustrady mostowe
Technical approvals and national technical assessments

Certifications ISO AQAP

There are quality certificates confirming the manufacturer's ability to supply, provide services and production by providing appropriate personnel, equipment and running processes. Erplast has a certified system for full quality requirements.

  • Certyfikat ISO 3834-2
  • Certyfikat ISO 1090
  • Certyfikat AQAP 2110 WAT
  • Certyfikat ISO 9001:2015 System Zarządzania Jakością WAT
Certifications ISO AQAP

Certifications UDT

The Erplast company has a certificate confirming the competence and specifying the manufacturer's right to design and manufacture steel constructions in the EXC3 class, which means very responsible structures in terms of safety and impact on potential threats to people. Erplast can manufacture and assemble road support structures, including standard, variable content, active and many others like masts, steel constructions of large buildings, etc. The certificate enables marking the structure with the CE mark and declaration of conformity (issuing for the construction of the declaration of performance with a CE mark).

  • Spawalnicze Świadetwo Kwalifikacyjne
  • Certyfikat UDT Zgodności Zakładowej Kontroli Produkcji NR -1433 CRP-0016 dla projektowania i wytwarzania konstrukcji stalowych w klasach EXC1, EXC 2, EXC3 wg Normy PN-EN 1090
Certifications UDT

Certificate of vertical road signs

It is a certificate confirming that Erplast meets the requirements for the production of vertical marking in accordance with the European Standard PN - EN 12899, which is a norm, as a harmonized standard, valid throughout the European Union. Thanks to this, vertical marking can be delivered to all EU countries and the marking is marked with the CE mark. This certificate has since 2014 replaced the certificate issued in previous years for technical approval for fixed vertical road signs.

  • Certyfikat stałości właściwości użytkowych – Stałe Pionowe Znaki Drogowe ITB
Certificate of vertical road signs

National Certificates of Compliance and KCSWU

These certificates are documents issued by accredited bodies that confirm that they have checked the products of factory production control, ensure that these products have the correct quality and are produced in accordance with the reference documents (approval and KOT)

  • Certyfikat stałości właściwości użytkowych – Znaki Zmiennej Treści
  • Certyfikat znaki drogowe pionowe, aktywne
  • Certyfikat Zakładowej Kontroli Produkcji – Gniazda Montażowe GM
National Certificates of Compliance and KCSWU

National Declarations of Conformity and DWU

National declarations of conformity replaced by national declarations of performance are documents in which the manufacturer declares the characteristics of his products to the recipient and certifies in a manner consistent with the conformity assessment system for a given product legal capacity for the delivery and assembly of this product. Declarations are issued for groups of products covered by certificates or national technical assessments, and for steel constructions for individual products.