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BRD devices

The Erplast company offers a wide range of Road Traffic Safety devices. Most of them are made by themselves.

The offer includes a full range of road safety devices, including:

  • asylum and thresholds,
  • mirrors,
  • lamps and light waves,
  • traffic cones.
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U19 antiglare system
Anti-glare covers U19

Green covers mounted on spring barriers limit dazzle of drivers on the opposite lane. Used on highways.

To prevent dazzling of vehicles on dual carriageways (highways and expressways) or parallel roads against glare, anti-glare covers are used. In the case of road safety barriers on sections endangered by glare, they should be used to mount anti-glare shields.

The cover segment usually consists of a 4-meter supporting bar, on which PVC screens are mounted. The strip is fastened to the road safety barrier via clamping elements. Anti-glare screens made of PVC are available in three heights: 600,900 and 1,200 mm.

Anti-glare covers should:

  • counteract dazzle at 1.0 m above the road surface,
  • provide protection around the entire glare of the road section.

Anti-glare covers should not:

  • limit visibility,
  • disturb the road gauge,
  • cause traffic safety hazards,
  • cause snowing the road.

It is recommended to place anti-glare shields:

  • between roads for opposite directions of traffic on the section of the glare hazard, within the node, on the curve in the longitudinal inclination of the road up to 2%, on which the deviation of the axis of this curve from the tangent in the distance equal to the required visibility to stop is greater than the width of the dividing strip increased by 2.0 m
  • along the lane adjacent to the road in the junction, where the movement of vehicles is opposite to the direction of traffic on the road,
  • between parallel running roads or between the road and the railway track,
  • between the roadway and the traffic service device, on which the traffic visible from the road takes place in the opposite direction,
  • within fixed objects whose illumination causes glare on the road.

On the basis of the regulation: Detailed technical conditions for road traffic safety devices and conditions for their placement on roads, appendix No. 4.

Energy-saving shields U15a

Energy-saving shields effectively reduce the negative effects of vehicles driving over obstacles.

Erplast Sp. z o.o. offers complete protection systems for particularly dangerous places in the form of energy-saving shields. Systems are available for all design speeds from 50 km / h to 110 km / h with the energy absorption level ASI A and ASI B.

The U-15a multi-segment energy shields are characterized by the ability to absorb the energy of a vehicle hitting the shield, and thus reducing the effects of road accidents.

They are placed in particularly dangerous places:

  • downhill slides from highways and expressways
  • national roads and cities
  • before entering tunnels and other narrowings of the roadway

These devices are subject to EN-1317: 3 standard and have EC certificate of conformity.

The systems are easy to assemble and maintain. Depending on the damage after the collision it is possible to replace damaged parts or quickly replace it with a new model.

Erplast is a representative of the Spanish company Hiasa.

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Road safety barriers U14

Erplast performs assembly of U-14 protective barriers. Assembly brigades carry out repairs and assembly of new sections.

Road U-14a protection barriers (energy-elastic barriers) are road safety devices used to physically prevent the vehicle from running off the road in places where it is dangerous.

Driving the vehicle out of the road crown, crossing the vehicle onto the road intended for the opposite direction of movement or preventing the vehicle from colliding with objects or fixed obstacles located near the roadway.

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Butterfly parking post
Parking and blocking posts

Erplast Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of parking equipment products such as parking bollards, bumpers, barriers, street name plates, speed bumps and boards limiting the horizontal and vertical gauge mounted on gantries. All products have appropriate certificates and approvals.

Parking posts belong to road safety devices. They are used to prevent entering a parking space. They are offered in many versions also produced according to the customer's design. Parking posts can be hot-dip galvanized, powder coated and covered with reflective foil.