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Durable installation sockets

Check ERPLAST's offer!

Check the ERPLAST offer!

Durable installation sockets

Do you want to ensure road safety? Do you want to limit the costs of replacing the posts in case of their damage? At ERPLAST, we offer our customers durable installation sockets, thanks to which you can economically maintain a high standard of road safety.

Bars are an inseparable element of vertical signs. They are often damaged, damaged and torn out. By using high-quality installation sockets, you can significantly reduce the time needed to replace the post. All you need to do is replace the damaged element with a new one - there is no need to renew the foundations. At ERPLAST, we offer installation  sockets with an anti-corrosion coating, i.e. hot-dip galvanization, which are perfect for Polish roads.

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ERPLAST - an experienced manufacturer and proven solutions

Since 1985, we have been manufacturing devices that streamline and improve traffic safety on Polish roads. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of our entire team, ERPLAST is today one of the best brands in Poland. We regularly enrich our offer with new products, devices and solutions that will even better meet the expectations of our customers and comply with the applicable standards.

We offer LED variable message boards, road signs, energy-consuming covers and other security elements. Our clients can use the option of renting the solution and purchasing. There is a guarantee on all ERPLAST products. What's more, we also provide support, handling each order from the logistics side.

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Durable installation sockets

Our offer is addressed to managers as well as to road construction companies. We offer solidly made installation sockets that meet the requirements and approvals for installation on the roads - our products have an appropriate certificate. As a manufacturer, we can guarantee good availability - a stock of installation sockets. At ERPLAST, we strive to offer products at a good value for money. Therefore, if you are looking for an offer that combines: fast delivery, high quality products (warranty for sockets is up to 10 years) and an attractive price, please contact us!


What else do you need to know about our installation sockets?


Installation sockets available in ERPLAST have room for routing the power cord, so they can be mounted in active signs. What's more, thanks to a special anti-corrosion coating, they show very good resistance to frost and high salinity in winter. Choose products from our offer to enjoy high-quality components!


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Benefits of buying ERPLAST installation sockets


You order sockets and we pack the order and ship it to you as soon as possible.

Low price

ERPLAST is always a great value for money, in the case of installation sockets our offer leaves the competition far behind!

High resistance to salinity and frost

Our sockets are resistant to the conditions on Polish roads. Their purchase is an investment that pays off!

Necessary certificates

ERPLAST installation sockets meet the stringent requirements and have been awarded the necessary certificates - use the highest quality components.

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