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Mobile traffic dividing marker

Take care of road safety!

Do you want to reduce the risks associated with running work on the road?

Ensuring the safety of your employees who work on the road lane of an expressway or motorway should be your priority. At ERPLAST, we recommend our clients an effective solution - a mobile crash cushion is a good security solution.

Do you need a TMA mobile traffic dividing marker? Are you looking for a company that will allow you to rent a device? Contact us!

Check why it is worth renting a mobile energy-intensive cover from ERPLAST

Producer and supplier of modern solutions

The ERPLAST brand stands for over 30 years of experience and commitment to creating safe and durable solutions for road infrastructure. We are a recognizable producer of boards, road signs and road safety devices, which are used by companies working on expressways and highways on a daily basis. We offer our clients not only the purchase of high-quality products, but also the installation of comprehensive solutions. In order to meet the expectations of the changing market, we also offer rental of devices for any period of time. Contact our advisor if you want to cooperate with a committed and experienced partner!

Mobile traffic dividing marker - rental on preferential terms

We offer rental of a pillow with a vehicle - in such a situation, we adapt the car for installation or rental of a pillow with a vehicle and a driver. In the second variant, it is a comprehensive service that meets the expectations of most companies working on expressways and highways. Our offer is addressed to: large entities, smaller enterprises and small companies that deal with: investment implementation, cleaning works, as well as repair of asphalt pavement.

What else can we offer?

We are flexible when it comes to renting! Mobile U15a can be used by you from 1 day to several months! It is important that you come to us 1-2 weeks before the planned implementation and order your TMA cover. Thanks to this, when you want to start working, you will be able to use the pillow right away.

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Rental benefits -traffic dividing marker for your company

Rental on preferential terms

You only need a crash cushion for one day? Are the works planned to take a week? Contact us! We offer rental on preferential terms for any period.

Comprehensive support from ERPLAST employees

Do you need a car? Would you like the driver to come with the TMA cover at the road work place? Determine the details with our consultant, ERPLAST employees will surely help you!

Warranty and assistance in the event of damage

In case of any damage, we replace the device to ensure our customers are able to carry out orders.

Favorable financial conditions

By choosing the rental option, you can use the solution at any time. Discover the full benefits of the U15a crash cushion. The rental price at ERPLAST is very attractive!

Do you need a TMA mobile traffic dividing marker?

Choose a proven solution, thanks to which you will ensure the safety of employees on the road! Contact us.